Beauty Way Vocal Healing Apprenticeship

with Giselle World

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Thank you so much for being here!

If you’re feeling called to begin a healing journey with your voice and access tools of self-empowerment, while deepening your knowledge and connection to the sacred plants, then you have arrived at the right place.

Singing is a beautiful gift and a birthright for everyone, not only those we call “singers”.

No previous musical or singing experience is required. This is for all levels.

“The most transformative kind of singing happens when we are not singing like singers, but offering song, chant, or sound as medicine and devotion.”

– Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD


This apprenticeship is for you if you:

• Seek a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher on your path to authentic and genuine expression

• Seek profound transformation, vitality, healing, and activation

• Seek integration support on your medicine path and awakening

• Seek to reconnect with their deepest inner soul’s expression after having been suppressed, silenced, or buried for far too long a time

• Are ready to accept your personal power

• Seek a profound container for personal healing through your voice and music

• Seek to deepen your knowledge of sacred plant medicine, and ancestral music and practices

• Seek to dedicate yourself to a joyful practice of singing and learning

• Seek an international community of love and support



First and foremost, thank you so much once again for choosing me as your guide in healing your voice and self-expression. It is truly an honor. I want to be clear, I do not charge for teaching and sharing medicine songs/chants, nor is this apprenticeship a certification of any sort.

What you are paying for is my time, my education in music, my expertise in sacred chants and music, as well as study and training in plant medicines, ritual arts, and the effect of medicine music and sound healing on our emotional and physical bodies.

I have been teaching for nearly 20 years, and presently a university professor for the last 10 years teaching Humanities—the study of all art forms, ancient sites and temples, and human interaction throughout the arts.

I’ve been formally training in music since the age of 3, received a master’s degree with honors in Music Performance from SUNY Purchase Conservatory in New York, and presently lead a strong musical performance, recording, and touring career.

I use all these tools, and experience to best facilitate each person I work with to find their voice, heal past trauma around their vocal expression, learn songs and music/vocal techniques as needed and desired, considering each one’s unique and individual goals.

Thank you kindly for your investment.

May every investment you make come back to you ten-fold!


Beauty Way Vocal Healing Journey


Your investment is due in full before the apprenticeship begins.

If you need to request a payment plan, the options are:

  • To pay 50% of full tuition upfront before the apprenticeship begins, no later than February 1st, and the balance mid-way at week 7 of the course.
  • To pay 1/3 of full tuition by the first of each month for the upcoming month’s block of sessions 


This is to secure your spot in my studio for your vocal healing sessions and apprenticeship, as I have a limited amount of how many students I can take on per week/month, and have a high demand.


We meet every other Tuesday from 11am – 2pm EST. Should you miss any group session they will be available on replay.

See below for payment information:

If you are in the US, please send through Zelle ([email protected]) if possible. Venmo (@giselleworld) and Cashapp ($Giselleworld1) also work.

If you are international, please send via PayPal ([email protected]).



Pricing Options:

Released when apprenticeship is open for enrollment – check back soon!


Private 1:1 Sessions
Private sessions are only available for those students who have completed at least one full 3-month apprenticeship or are only seeking musical/vocal coaching, or flute lessons. Please email me directly for this at [email protected]

I do not offer one-off sessions for anything related to sacred chants or medicine rituals in order to maintain integrity and respect for this sacred content.


I started working with Giselle because I wanted to learn ancient chants, and after 8 months, I can truly say that I got much more out of our sessions! 

Giselle really became a mentor, helping me to go through transition waves, choosing the songs for me to learn according to what I was experiencing each week, improvising ceremonies to connect me deeper to myself if she felt the need, being a real presence during the call but also in between calls.

We started from learning chants and songs to working on my own compositions and sharing all of this during the song circles with incredible sisters: on top of a deep and beautiful work one on one with Giselle, I also got access to a supportive community of incredible women, and it is absolutely wonderful.

Even after 8 months, I know my work with Giselle will continue longer, and I highly recommend to any woman who is looking to open her throat the mentorship with this incredible, talented Soul!

Lorène Chièze

This apprenticeship is a space where I am able to walk with sisters from all over the world, to walk in lightness, to walk in darkness but also to walk in beauty because one without the other cannot exist. Omateotl.

Giselle has created a sacred space where I have gained unconditional love, support, and acceptance on my journey of self-love and healing. A space where I have been able to step into courage and fearlessness within me through healing my voice – through using my voice, my gift. Giselle is a phenomenal song/voice Maestra and the songs she intuitively chooses for me are always so appropriate for where I am on my path.. always in all ways. I am eternally grateful to have her as a coach, mentor, and sister. Her love, Spirit and energy fill my heart and have attracted a circle of sisters from all over the world who fill my heart, too.

Lynette Najar

I’m so deeply grateful to Giselle. She has been an amazing mentor and music teacher to me and continues to help me heal my voice. I love that she teaches the sacredness of the music and plant medicine. She has a big heart and gives so much of herself to her students. I’m so blessed to have found her.

Shannon Wood

This apprenticeship with Giselle is beyond words, but to sum it up… deeply healing, expansive, and sacred. A Living Prayer.

Giselle often talks about walking the Beauty Way, and she teaches this in every aspect of life.. the wisdom Giselle holds and shares as a teacher, song carrier, and Medicine woman is truly a blessing and healing the world in ways far beyond what I can even perceive.

I’m only beginning to learn how to live in a deeper relationship, reverence, and reciprocity with Mother Nature, the Plant, and Animal kingdoms, and all things through the songs I’m learning with her. My relationship with the Spirits of the songs & Nature grows extensively after every call (ceremony) with her.

I couldn’t have ever dreamt of a more aligned and healing way to integrate and embody the work I’ve done with the Master plants than through this apprenticeship.

The group sessions feel like a sacred counsel of women coming together, like in the ancient times, to sing, pray, laugh, honor & hold space and support for each other to remember.

It brings tears to my eyes to realize all that Giselle & this apprenticeship has done & is doing for myself, my ancestors, and my life. I’m learning how to listen deeper, how to hear and speak more clearly and to always remember to remain humble and in integrity with the Songs & the Elements.

I’m walking into the 4th month of this apprenticeship & honored to see where it all takes me. I plan to continue this apprenticeship for as long as the Ancestors tell me so. I know in my deepest heart that having the opportunity to be Giselle’s student is one of the greatest gifts that I’ve ever received.

Jessica Brewer

Giselle is an elegant, strong, and humble force of nature. Her skill, presence, devotion, and precision in sharing the medicine she carries while supporting & uplifting those whom she guides, is both inspiring, activating, and important in these times, Her way of opening the door for those beginning the path or those deepening on the path is heartfelt and direct. Giselle is a radiant lighthouse in dedication to serving the Sacred.

Isis Indriya

I cannot say enough about how deeply transformative my work with Giselle has been. We are working with the voice, but the teachings of these sessions stretch far beyond a weekly meeting where we learn some new songs. Giselle’s dedication to her students and her path is truly remarkable and genuine. The space that she holds is such a gift, and it allows for this work to support us in all areas of our lives – challenges, celebrations, initiations, endings, and beginnings. The songs we are learning are not random – they are offered with care and mastery. They become the medicine we have been needing to receive in order to move forward on our path. They are the prayers that allow us to gather our strength as we take our next steps. And in addition to the one-on-one sessions, the group aspect of this journey is also a wonderful and potent source of wisdom. Giselle has not just created group sessions for her students to share this work together–she has invited us into a family, a community of love and support in these wild times. These sessions have guided me towards an ongoing practice of embodiment that has already sparked such deep personal growth. I’m not just learning to sing, I’m learning how to witness the beauty of life, and to express my gratitude for being a part of it all.

Jenna Santillo

I can’t even start to describe my journey with Giselle. It’s so much more than vocal healing; it’s soul healing.

Every session is a prayer, a powerful and beautiful offering to the great spirit and Mother Earth. A journey to the heart to open up and expand.

A transformation of the voice that comes from the core of the soul.

Alexa Barba

Every session held an invitation. A door, an opening, a softening, a surrender.

To walk the Beauty Way with voice was to bring my innate feminine power up from the roots. I could feel the call of my ancestors in my bones and with perfect imperfection fill the space with a sound frequency and vibration of knowledge and truth.

I’m grateful to have deepened my embodied knowledge of medicine whispers carried around the world from multiple traditions and strengthen my own medicine keeping in the process.

Although I don’t know “how” to sing, the Beauty Way was truly in the surrender of ‘remembering’.

Thank you, Giselle.

Jennifer Pereira

You guided me to tap into my voice. To share that voice that holds a truth deep within me that longs to be expressed. In this connection with my voice, I’ve learned my unique tone and how to heal myself. With the knowledge Giselle shared, I’ve learned to shed the layers of my personality and let my unique soul speak through me. To discover a very clear message – to speak my truth. Thank you for helping me rise up, Giselle!


Giselle is truly a light in my life. In every session, she meets me exactly where I am, and makes offerings and teachings tailored to this. If you are interested in learning how to connect with your voice in a heartfelt, devotional, and loving way, Giselle is your teacher. She has a way of pulling this out of EVERYONE. I cannot express enough the gratitude I feel for her unique medicine. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I would not pass it up!


I came to Giselle to open my voice and share it with the world. What I received was a deep relationship with confidence and the self. Before I did this work with Giselle and the song circle I would tremble knowing it was my turn to speak let alone sing in front of a group. She sets up an impeccable container to not only be seen and heard but to feel safe. She gave me the perfect songs that give me confidence. She gave me songs that challenged me into the next evolution of my growth. The songs were not in my mother tongue, I got to learn and sing in another language. BONUS. Being a part of the song circles is where I witnessed myself and the others expand. It has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. She is a beautiful soul and teacher.

Saniah Foy