Performance Art

Giselle is a strong advocate for expanding the music and arts culture scene in South Florida, as well as many other parts of the world. One of the missions she has taken on is to introduce and highlight the beauty and refreshing medium of performance art.

Performance art, which is an interdisciplinary art form has often, and for a long time been hard for many to understand, as it is a flight from traditional media. The very word performance implies a “live” presentation. When people hear the word “art” they often think or assume visual art.

Performance art challenges the conventions of traditional forms of visual art, such as painting and sculpture. It brings art forms to life and often does it by combining or borrowing from other forms of art, such as dance, music, fashion, and theater, and even non-art rituals, or work-tasks. It stretches and crosses boundaries into realms that have often been unknown. It can become political, and highlight social issues, and feminism. It can also be wildly entertaining and a real treat for all the senses.

Giselle is essentially a performance art. It combines many different art forms besides music. It includes fashion, dance, visual art, and multimedia. The music itself is cross-over music combining a classical instrument that is her flute, with electronic music.

Giselle has been working on a performance art series called the Immersion Project for a little over 2 years now with her partner Luis Arrambide from United Vision Entertainment, of which Giselle is Co-Producer. The Immersion Project is a series of  unique and immersive performance art shows that are sure to be a multi-sensory experience, while immersing their audience into the show so that they are not only spectators, but also participants.

The intention of each series is to bring awareness to important and sensitive social and environmental issues, while showcasing all original works, music, and choreography from local artists. We aim to make performance art accessible, enlightening, and entertaining.

Stay tuned for upcoming shows during Miami Art Week (first week of December).