“Tribal Waters” at Scorpios Mykonos

While I was traveling this summer to Thessaloniki, Greece to co-lead a mission to bring musical instruments to Syrian refugees and teach them how to play them, read music, and offer musical therapy to the women at the shelter (Elpida Home–see blog on this mission under FROM THE BLOG), with fellow humanitarian Scarlett De La Torre, we were invited to give a special performance on the island of Mykonos at one of their most renowned venues known as Scorpios Mykonos.

I never expected what was to come: A beautiful music residency that would have us living on the magical island of Mykonos for the remaining summer.

Inspired by the work I was doing with the refugees and sharing with them what is known as “medicine music”, which is conscious music intended for healing and often used in traditional plant medicine ceremonies, I thought it would be a beautiful idea to curate an original performance using “medicine music” and initiate it with a beautiful sunset ceremony. 

To my surprise, Scorpios Mykonos loves music that comes from powerful rituals and ceremonies and has been known to bring many DJs and musicians from all over the world who feature some of this sound in their music to perform at their venue.

So from this one show a special weekly gathering was born to be called “Tribal Waters”.

 “Tribal Waters” is a gathering embodying ritual, ceremony, beauty, and dance through a unique and entrancing amalgam of  traditional and modern medicine music and chants from indigenous tribes of The Americas, blended with electronic textures and beats, performed with live vocals and instruments such as flute, guitar, and percussion.

 It’s been a dream come true to be able to share some of what’s most dear to my heart, original medicine music, and ceremony and bring that element of magic and beauty honoring our earth and her elements; especially the water. To be able to present this in a way that truly expresses my passion for fusion of different sounds and production creating a unique soundscape that both inspires wellness, and dance is exactly what I have been calling in!

 I look forward to continuing to share this beautiful project all over the world. 

 I will soon release an EP in honor of this amazing residency called “Tribal Waters”.


 Aho Mitakeoyasin!