Healing Hearts at Elpidia Home One Song at a Time

This June I will be embarking on a powerful mission of service and healing with Scarlett De La Torre, internationally renowed musician and DJ, at the Elpida Home, a refugee center offering care and shelter for Syrian refugees.

It’s been in my heart for a while to find a way to help and get involved as I couldn’t stand to just sit and watch from the computer or tv. A prayer was answered and in a mutual desire to be of service Scarlett and I partnered up to go on this mission and offer music therapy and music lessons.

A lot of support is needed as we are trying to still raise funds to buy instruments for the children there.

Some words about the Elpida project from the founder:

“This project to create humane living conditions for refugees fleeing war is about the art of the possible. It is a testament to what can be achieved when a group of like minded determined individuals come together and work in harmony toward a common goal. To all the brilliant volunteers participating you have my utmost admiration and gratitude.” — Amed Khan, Project Founder

There is a Go Fund Me campaign active now and if you feel the call to be of service and help by donating money for these instruments it would be so unimaginably appreciated.

You can click on the link below to donate to this campaign:


Music will not cure all the traumas these beautiful people have faced, but we know that it has the power to initiate a healing, ignite passion for living, and connect us all.

My mission is to share some light, and hope for a better future through the beauty and magic of music.

If you’d like to learn more about the inspiring humanitarian work being done at the Elpida Home click on these links below to read about it!